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Obesity Consequences & Treatment

last updated » 12th Jul 2010
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Obesity is a disorder due to inadequate utilization of calories and excess calorie intake. The BMI (Body Mass Index Wt. in kgs / height in feet) classification is commonly used to determine the weight status of an individual.









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Consequences of obesity:
High blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholestrol, increased risk of heart attack and angina are the most prominent. Obese people have disorders like undue breathlessness, sleep apnea syndrome, sexual inadequencies and increased chances of some cancers.

Treatment for obesity:
Treatment of obesity requires self motivation, perseverance and correct guidance. Step wise approach can help you get rid of obesity without spending money at fancy weight loss clinics.

Step 1:
Record all items consumed for three consecutive days and calculate the number of calories, you are actually consuming, with the help of food calorie charts.

Calorie Chart

Food Item Quantity Calories Food Item Quantity Calories
Sugar 1 tsp 20 Banana 100 gm 116
Tea 1 cup 52 Omelette 1 110
Coffee 1 cup 90 Fish boiled 1 cup 100
Milk (cow) 1 cup 67 Chicken 1 cup 220
Milk (buffalo) 1 cup 117 Tandoori Chicken 2 pcs 450
Aerated drink 200 ml 92 Seekh Kababs 2 pcs 300
Vegetable oil 1 tbsp 130 Ladoo / Pedha 40 gm 250
Bread 1 60 Jalebi 1 pc 200
Chapatti 1 100 Gulab Jamun 1 pc 100
Phulka without ghee 1 75 Batata Vada 1 100
Partha 1 150 Medu Vada 1 100
Puri 1 80 Samosa 1 270
Dal 1 bowl 100gm 100 Idli 1 65
Rice 1 bowl 100gm 110 Masala Dosa 1 192
Cooked vegetable oily 1 bowl 100gm 150-225 Pani Puri 1 plate 125
Yoghurt 1 bowl 70 Bhel Puri 1 plate 280
Egg boiled/fried 1 80/100 Whisky/Beer 1 peg/1 gls 75/100

Step 2:
a. An individual needs about 30 k.cal/kg/day for a sedentary lifestyle. Reduce 20% to lose weight. For eg. 500 cal for obese sedentary patient.

b. Convert the calories into actual food items which you are accustomed to eat daily. Calorie intake should spread
out adequately during the different meals to ensure that one doesn't feel excessively hungry at any point in time.

i) Breakfast - 20%

ii) Lunch - 30%

iii) Dinner - 30%

iv) Mid morning and evening tea - 20%

Step 3:
a. Start exercising regularly.

b. Walk for about 30-60 minutes at a brisk pace daily (at least 5 days in a week). Gradually, increase as per your
capacity & your doctor's advice. Pace should be brisk enough to cause mild sweating/breathlessness.

c. Jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Are even better forms of exercise.

Why do people fail to maintain lost weight?

1. Psychological reason: Most people, after the desired weight reduction, stop the modification of diet and
exercise regime.

2. Set point theory: Whenever there is reduction in weight, the body reduces out basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate may fall by almost 50% under such circumstances. This couteracts the efforts to reduce weight. The individual finally reaches a plateau of weight and gets frustrated. Exercise prevents the reduction in basal metabolic rate and is essential for continued weight loss.

3. Yo-Yo effect: Weight is regained at a much faster rate than it is lost. Therefore any imbalance in the diet and exercise schedule will result in rapid weight gain. This is called Yo-Yo phenomenon. Yo-Yo cycle becomes faster with each failed attempt.

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