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Precautions To Be Taken While Using ATM

last updated » 7th Jul 2010
atm card security

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Though the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has been a boon for bank account holders, it has also made a new way for unethical & unlawful beings to steal. However, you can make your ATM operations safe and risk-free by observing some simple precautions.
  • Memorise your PIN. Do not write it down anywhere, and certainly never on the Card itself.

  • Your card is for your own personal use. Do not share your PIN or Card with anyone, not even your friends and family.

  • "Shoulder Surfers" can peep at your PIN as you enter it. So, stand close to the ATM and use your body and hand to shield the keypad as you enter the PIN.

  • Do not take the help of strangers for using the ATM Card or handling your Cash.

  • Press the "Cancel" key before moving away from the ATM. Remember to take your Card and transaction slip with you. Even if the transaction slip does not seem to have much of important details, it could be just enough for the thief.

  • If you choose to take a transaction slip, shred it immediately after use.

  • If your ATM Card is lost or stolen, report it to your Card Issuing Bank immediately & ask to block it.

  • When you deposit a cheque or cash into your ATM, check the credit entry in your account after a couple of days. If there is any discrepancy, report immediately to the Bank.
  • Note: Try to avoid depositing Cash in an ATM.

  • If your Card is stuck in the ATM, or if cash is dispensed after you keyed in a transaction, call your Bank Immediately.

Always Keep the Card Issuing Bank's Customer Service Or Helpline No Handy.

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