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I Was Raped By My Own Friends

last updated » 9th Dec 2009
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Hi, I am Nirjara. I am studying in XII and quite good in studies. I also like enjoy roaming and partying till late with my friends. Yesterday my friend Yogesh called me at 6.30 pm to give some important study notes, which he told me to collect from Dharmesh's place.


I went to his place to take the notes and as I reached, Yogesh also arrived. It was just another evening.

Dharmesh offered me Coke, which I started drinking. After 2-3 mins I started feeling dizzy. I think after, 10-15 mins I came into my conscious again. I thought I took a nap. I took the notes and left his place only to realize moments later that my drink was spiked and I was raped when I was unconscious.


Day after, Yogesh met me at a lane near my home and started showing me a vulgar clip which I offended and asked him “why you're showing me such dirty clip!!”. He asked to look closely, and I lost my conscious again when I realized that it was me in the MMS clip. He blackmailed me asked me to arrange for Rs 25000.


It's not just a story of Nirjara but it's happening to many unsuspecting girls especially in metros like Mumbai, Delhi.

No matter what generation we're living in, women should always take precautionary measures to avoid any such situations.


I will not give you any guidelines, as I am pretty sure, after reading the above story you know what to do…


Now don't just read and keep it to yourself but share this Info with all your friends, even male friends so that they can share with their sisters, wives, colleagues, girlfriends..

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