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What Is 3G Mobile Technology. Its Advantages & Disadvantages

last updated » 12th Oct 2009
3g mobile phone


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What is 3G?

3G stands for Third Generation (of mobile phones) and it enables increased data-handling rates and high speed bandwidth. Due to this technology, 3G mobile phones offer new features such as video conference calling, video

Streaming, video calls and enhanced web browsing capabilities.


Older networks, known as 2G, were designed to carry voice but not data, so this feature of providing converged voice and data services makes 3G mobile networks very efficient & superior. Specifically, 3G wireless networks support the

following maximum data transfer rates:

  • 2.05 Mbits/second to stationary devices
  • 384 Kbits/second for slowly moving devices, such as a handset carried by a walking user.
  • 128 Kbits/second for fast moving devices, such as handsets in moving vehicles.

Typical Characteristics Of 3G

Always -on connectivity. 3G networks use IP connectivity, which is packet based.

Multi-media services with streaming audio and video.

Email with full-fledged attachments such as PowerPoint files.

Instant messaging with video/audio clips.

Fast downloads of large files such as faxes and PowerPoint files.

Access to corporate applications.

What 3G Mobile Phones Offer?

This new Mobile Videophone Middleware Package complies with the entire 3G-324M specification and Provides the following functions.

  • Core banking
  • Video calling
  • High speed internet browsing
  • Live tv
  • Online games
  • Wireless connectivity 

Disadvantages of 3G

  • High costs (the technology and the maintenance are More  expensive  than   the  ones  in  2G  networks, reflecting in higher end-consumer prices)
  • Base stations need to be closer to each other (again more cost)
  • Bigger mobile phones (due to increased power consumption, batteries need to be larger, which makes the whole devices

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